POS Software in Bangladesh

Point of Sales or POS System is a web-based solution that supports handling all the key operations of a retail shop. Star It engages in delivering powerful POS Software in Bangladesh for many retail companies in Bangladesh.

With the help of POS software, you can deal with basic as well as other operations such as sales reports, employee management etc.  Mobile POS system offers flexibility. They are widely popular among all type of enterprises.

What is POS software?

POS software refers to the digital platform of processing sales transactions. POS software is one of the elements of the POS system. POS software is either cloud-based or local server-based. 

Cloud-based software is more popular due to its affordability and usability. The cloud-based system lets you access your data from any device as long as there is a stable internet connection. 

The local server-based system is more expensive but more stable. Typically large enterprises are more into local server-based software.  

What is a POS software used for?

Primarily, A POS software allows you to record sales data. Basically, it is used for accepting payments, selecting the payment method, apply coupons and discounts etc. 

But a POS system does more than sales transaction. You can use a basic POS system just for sales transactions. Or you can include other following features

It all depends on your company size, activities and needs. You can choose one that suits you perfectly. Or else Star It can offer you a customized solution. 

Why you should have a POS software for your business

The conventional system involves paper-based bookkeeping, tiresome inventory checking and ample of your time.  Manually generating reports is harder than you think. It is a technological era where you can do better within less time.  Here are the reasons why you should get a POS software immediately

Enhanced efficiency

Post software works in a much more efficient way than manual handling. It is an all in one solution that takes care of every aspect. It allows the employees to focus on other duties. It eliminates the use of paperwork repeatedly. Higher efficiency results in better performance and customer satisfaction.

Saves your time

Repeated paperwork, inventory checking take away most of your time. Payment is easier with POS software. barcode scanners, invoice printers and credit card readers dramatically reduce the process. Just a search bar is enough to check transactions. There is no need to check through the receipts. It also speeds up payroll management and inventory checking.

Eliminates human errors

As humans, we are bound to err. Manual paperwork involves mistakes whereas technology never fails. POS software will not only save your time but prevent errors. It will generate flawless reports and carry out the tasks seamlessly.

Simplified accounting

Instead of going through hundreds of receipts, the POS system will record every transaction effortlessly. If you want, you can integrate it with related accounting software.

Inventory management

Inventory management involves rigorous efforts. One needs to constantly check the available stocks, products sold an ordered. It also includes a lot of calculation and inventory checking. It was a stiff process in the past. Not anymore with digital POS system. POS system keeps an eye on the inventory and produces stock reports.

More Return on Investment.

It is no secret that the POS system leads to greater productivity. It does wonders for a retail business from the payment process to calculation. Enhanced efficiency and accuracy generate more profit. The investment is worth the price.

Benefits of using POS software

A POS system is the powerhouse of a retail business. Simplified tasks with accuracy are what it offers. Here are the basic benefits you will harness from a POS software

Better control Over Business

You have full charge of your business with just a click on an electric device. It will let you access the data from anywhere. POS is an excellent device to take charge of the operations more efficiently.  Increased productivity will have a powerful impact on your business. 

Employee management

With the POS software, there is no need to register to check in and check out time. Every employee can entry their timings on the POS system instead of maintaining a separate form.

Analytical reports

In business, you need to have in-depth knowledge about market conditions. You need to be aware of trends, weaknesses, strengths. POS system will help you in gaining more business insights to tackle the difficulty

Accuracy at work

This is the greatest advantage of using technology at work. Whereas humans are prone to committing mistakes, technological platforms perform effortlessly. They not only provide an easy solution but accurate operations. 

Addons features

Isn’t it amazing when you can look after al operations in one platform? POS software allows you to network with other platforms. You can easily sync and transfer the data and manage all business operations under one platform.

How to choose the right POS system?

By now the majority of the retail businesses in Bangladesh are switching to POS software. The Point on sales system offers convenience, efficiency. But when it comes to choosing the right system, being attentive to your specific needs will prove to be favorable.  To make sound business decisions, you need to confront some questions.

  • Why do you want to use it mostly for?
  • What is your budget limit?
  • Can you go without certain features you might go without?
  • Will you be operating in multi-locations?


Whatever system you might choose, we will recommend you to choose a system that can adjust to your growing needs. Star IT provides versatile POS Software in Bangladesh for all industry including cafe, parlour, hotels, restaurants etc. To Know more call us +88 02 8091125

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