Software development company in Bangladesh

Every business is different and has unique requirements. Hence customised Software development is a necessity of all kinds of business. For instance, Banking, education, Automotive, and other industries need a unique software system that helps in meeting business needs. Software addresses personal or business objectives. Software development consists of various processes and steps like designing, testing, programming, etc. At Star IT, we offer top-rated software development services in Bangladesh. Each of our clients trusts our software solutions.

Our Software Development Services

Star IT software development services in Bangladesh cover all types of software solutions such as software support, engineering, consulting, and in every way, we can help you. Our services are backed by a powerful combination of profound expertise, proven experience, and a low-risk approach. Our full-cycle software services are bound to take your business to the next level. Our quality software services cater to various business software requirements. Build, upgrade your software system with Star IT software solution, and make your business idea a reality.

Custom Software Development

Delivering custom software development solutions and solving technological challenges for small to large enterprises are the very essence of Star IT. Our custom build solutions will enable your enterprise to unlock opportunities and innovation. Reap digital transformation advantages from our innovative approaches. All we aim to do is deliver you unparalleled software development services to make your project succeed. Our custom software development services in Bangladesh include but not limited to

Accounting Inventory Software

Our Accounting Inventory Software development services are designed to improve the accounting and finance management process for small to large enterprises. 

In today’s world, every business owner wants to maximize productivity within minimum time. Accounting Inventory Software can impact productivity and performance positively while managing core operations. We build the following Accounting Inventory Software

School Management ERP

A well-defined school management software can be the backbone of a smooth administration system of a school. Handling the administrative responsibilities manually or outdated technology is unimaginable. After all, schools have numerous students, and keeping students record of so many students with files and paper is absurd. 

A school ERP system keeps a record of students’ info, day to day activities, notes, reports, and other essential data.  Our school management system can help you with Student supervision, Better Performance by the Students, access facility from anywhere, reliable storage, reduction in communication cost, etc.  We can develop a secure school management software which will include some of the following

Restaurant Management software

Restaurant Management Software is a virtual assistant of restaurant managers and owners. Restaurant Management Software assists with workforce management, administrative tasks, inventory tracking, and control, etc. It is mainly concerned with payment, taking and submitting customer orders, and inventory management. Sometimes they have advanced integrated systems like POS systems, mobile apps, revenue tracking, and analytics features, and so on. 

While restaurant management systems provide tools and solution such as employee and inventory management.

This is how our restaurant management software system helps you with

Point Of Sales (POS)

The POS software system is primarily used for recording sales data. It records transactions, payment method,  purchase dates, etc. Star IT delivers both cloud-based and local sever based POS system. Be it basic or advanced; we can design and develop you a Point of sales software that is fit for your needs.  We can integrate advanced features in the POS system such as multi-store inventory management, stock counts, analytics for business performance, employee management, etc. Here are some of the benefits our Point of Sales software system can offer

E-commerce management system ( backend )

Every experienced and cautious business owners already know the importance of a stable eCommerce system. This is equally important for eCommerce business as a business looking forward to boosting online sales. If you are looking for a robust E-commerce management system, you should know that many companies have benefited from our services and prospered. Our expert, friendly, yet professional developers at Star IT has made it possible all this time. 

Here is what you can expect from our professional services with compliance and security

Hospital/Diagnostic Center Management System

Hospital/Diagnostic Center Management System manages activities like report delivery, sample collection, etc. Because managing those tasks manually is daunting, Star IT offers a user-friendly management system for east operation management. Our hospital management system is designed to manage A to z hospital operations. Manage all the hectic tasks like revenue stream, patient records easily from your fingertips.

Software development company in Bangladesh

You already have a great idea. All you need is a dependable mobile app developer. That’s where we come in the spotlight. Using innovative design, swift solid plans, our developers create mobile apps for various operating platforms. Our proficient, skilled app developers work round the clock to deliver you practical solutions.

Android Apps

An Android app will certainly pay off if it is well developed. We can start developing your android mobile app from scratch. We use Java an Kotlin. Our developers are talented, passionate individuals who know in and out about mobile app development

iPhone Apps

We deliver swift iPhone app development for iPhones, iPad , Apple watch. We use Swift and Objective-C programming languages

Cross-Platform Apps

The cross-platform developers at Star IT design and build a cross-platform mobile app for various platforms and devices. We take advantage of a wide variety of technology to make it work efficiently.

Enterprise Software Development

Ideally, software should fit and complement your company’s objectives. Primarily business performance is dependent on the efficiency of the software. Star IT is capable of delivering unparalleled, tailored enterprise software development. 

Custom Enterprise Software Development

Based on the company’s goals, challenges, our programmers will design, develop such tailor-made enterprise software that will complement your work.

Enterprise Software Integration

If you are not opting for a customized solution, you can always go for Enterprise Software Integration. Purchase it from Star IT at a cost-effective rate. Integrate the system easily with your business.  

Our Software Development Process

Expect transparency, update, and proper communication while partnering with us. We are devoted to customer satisfaction at all costs.

#1 Planning

Expect transparency, update, and proper communication while partnering with us. We are devoted to customer satisfaction at all costs.

#2 Design

Once we come to an agreement, it’s time for our team to take over. In this phase, our team will present you with the visual designs of the project.

#3 Code

When the design and framing are finalized, we start to work on the coding to make the application functional. You can track, review the progress throughout, and make suggestions. 

#4 Deployment

Once the coding is complete, we are ready for deployment. For this final step, we discuss and counsel the client to get it done correctly.

Industries we have provided Software solution for

For more than 6 years we have developed 90+ software for a wide array of industries. We have worked with eCommerceEducationhealthcare, tourism, Finance, Government, service sectors, and many more. 90% of our clients are satisfied with our work and would happily recommend us to others. 

Why Choose us Your Software development

No matter which industry you are in, we have the ultimate software solution for you. That is why we are known as one of the leading software development companies in Bangladesh. When you choose us, you choose numerous benefits, reliability, security, and professional service.