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Star IT was founded with the intent to serve the global web design and development market and offer related services. Our aim is to offer our client immense benefits such as increased bottom line, accelerated marketing campaigns, promote a brand etc.

To provide Effective, Professional and Affordable Web Designs, Development, web application, and android application services to individuals and business.

To be recognized as one of the leading companies in Web Development in the world. We intend to be a reference in the national market in the ICT sector. This is so since we are a company in constant innovation since the technology sector requires it.

At Star IT, we have been working with different clients in the creation of web pages for more than 7 years. Star IT was founded with the mission to enable its customers to achieve a sustainable, high value, competitive advantage through the effective use of advanced information technology solutions. During the last 7 years, Star IT has successfully implemented more than 650+ projects. And the clients, who received service from us, inspired us for going further to achieve our ultimate goal.

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What our customers say about us


Star it ltd is one of the best software company in Bangladesh. I have been fortunate to use the services of star it ltd. They are extremely professional to work with, and their work shows their creative abilities. I wish all the best for their future growth.


Best software company in Bangladesh. They have highly professional software engineers and a management team to build projects from scoping, architecting, and developing. I wish success to star it ltd and all those hard working people behind it.


Very quick and appropriate data and software service for clients. Positive employee privilege, safety, and security ensured. The company makes nice software. The company every employee is very intelligent.