Courier Management Software

Best Courier management software in bd

Courier management software for the Bangladesh Courier service is a necessity for those who have to send documents and parcels. Our application can be used to track, record, and manage all courier services in Bangladesh. It can provide the complete services of couriers, document delivery agents, and distribution centers. Our application can be used to track, record, and manage all courier services in Bangladesh. Courier management software offers real time updates of the couriers’ routes and times of delivery on daily basis while they are providing their services. The users have an option to log in any agent online using built-in ID or EID system for easy access against courier events such as schedule changes etc.

What software is used for Courier management?

Software used to manage all delivery agents, couriers, and their scheduling needs. It can also manage all import and export documents including legal effects of different levels on a specific date. Our software also offers the facility of tracking bulk shipments by adding multiple documents. Courier Management Solution is an online solution to help you trade your business with ease without knowing about technology. It is a courier bills aggregator that provides end-to-end solutions for delivering parcels & letters as well as logistics consultancy that helps businesses grow their trade.

What types of businesses use courier services?

Any business can use our courier’s services. Courier solutions are popular among companies who need to ship documents and parcels at any all over the country, especially in urban areas where it is almost impossible for a person to deliver their cargo or send them via hand-courier service such as courier. Courier as a tool for any business needs to fulfill their customers’ requirements in terms of delivery time and parcel dispatch.

Features our courier Management Software?

We have developed complete courier management software for Bangladesh. This software is the best courier management software in Bangladesh. It has the following features:

Dynamic Dashboard

 This Feature helps you manage courier services easily and offers you the facility of creating dynamic dashboards. This feature helps you keep track of the services and their statistics. With the help of this feature, you can also create customized reports for different purposes. It helps you keep track of the delivery schedule and improve efficiency.

Shipment Management

Shipment Management is one of the features of our courier management software. It helps you in tracking and managing your courier services. This feature allows you to track and manage your courier services, including the drivers, vehicles, and route information. You can also manage the routes, from where your drivers pick up the packages and drop them off. The routes can be customized for each of your delivery needs.

Container Management

If you want to manage your courier business, then you should start with container management. You will be able to track your parcels, manage your drivers and employees, and manage the customer relationship.

Accounts Management

We have an integrated and highly configurable accounts management module in our courier management software that allows you to keep track of all your account information. We allow you to access all your accounts from one place and view your balances, transfer funds between accounts, create a new account, and manage multiple account types.

Customer Management

This feature helps you manage the customer relationship. It manages the customers through their contact details, address, mobile number, email ID, and payment information. You can easily send out emails and SMS to your customers and track their feedback. You can also track their delivery status, review the performance of your delivery drivers and also create automated reports.

Consolidation Management

Your Courier management software should have a consolidated dashboard, where you can track all your vehicles in one place. It is a feature that allows you to view all the details of your fleet at a glance. This way, you can easily monitor the performance of your vehicles and staff.

Driver Management

This Feature helps you to manage your drivers with the help of SMS, Email, Voice calls, and other modes. We have an in-built feature of driver tracking which will allow you to track your drivers from a single location. You can also send your drivers on break or on leave to any location. Our courier management software is compatible with all the modes of communication like sms, email, voice calls and many more.

User Management

Courier management software has the user management feature which lets you add, edit and delete users in your system. You can add and edit users by using the user login form. The system lets you create user groups, assign users to groups, and manage user access to features.

Setting Management

The main feature of our Courier Management Software is setting management. This software has a lot of features which will help you to manage your couriers easily. The features include setting a new driver, setting a delivery location, setting the starting time and end time for the driver, setting a new route, setting the speed limit, and so on.

Why Select Star It Courier management software in bd?

We are one of the leading courier management software companies in Bangladesh. We have developed software that is capable of managing all your courier needs in a very easy way. Our system has been developed with the objective of ensuring that the courier is able to carry out their jobs efficiently and effectively. It also helps them to keep track of their performance and output. They can access their status, details, and work easily. Our system is also capable of managing and monitoring the work that they do. Our software has been designed in a way to ensure that it only functions when you have installed it. It does not store or analyze the data that is created. Our software also allows you to customize its performance in order for it.

Our product is designed after a long and careful study as we know that no one can deliver good results without spending time. We have therefore been paying attention to all the details. With us, you will enjoy reliable services at reasonable prices with enhanced support.

We know how important your courier business can be, and therefore we have highlighted the following unique points.