Facebook marketing agency in bangladesh

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In the meantime, Facebook Marketing is the perfect way to increase your website or blog visitors. Please choose your Facebook Marketing packages as you want to do for your website. When comparing our capabilities to that of competitors, you will easily find out the benefits of choosing STAR IT

Rates for Facebook Content:

Type  Amount  Words  Price  BDT 
Facebook  90/month 200 $2/content 14,400
Facebook  60/month 200 $2.5/content 12,000
Facebook  30/month 200 $3/content 7,200

Rates for Facebook Graphics:

Facebook  Amount  Price  BDT 
Cover/Profile/Post  30/month $15/Graphics 36,000
Cover/Profile/Post  20/month $18.75/Graphics 30,000
Cover/Profile/Post  10/month $25/Graphics 20,000