Hospital management software in Bangladesh

Hospital management software in Bangladesh

Hospital management software in Bangladesh is an application that provides management and automation of hospital operations. It helps to manage patient flow and records all patient details, their demographics, treatment, and test results. It also helps to create a patient profile and share it with other healthcare providers. Hospital management software helps the healthcare professionals in all hospitals to have access to the medical data of the patients and maintain it in one place.  This software is used to manage the hospital’s staff, equipment, bills, and financials. It also helps hospitals with data entry and also provides analytics for the hospital staff.

What can we help with Hospital management system software?

We can help you to get a better management system for your hospital. We have a team of experts who can help you with all the issues related to hospital management system software.

Modules of Our Hospital Management Software

Our Hospital Management Software has many modules. You can easily add new modules to our software by using our modules. We have developed many modules for our hospital management software. Some of the most important modules are as follows:

  • In-Patient Management
  • Out-Patient Management
  • Pharmacy Management
  • Medical Investigations
  • Lab Management
  • Prescription
  • HRM & Payroll
  • Procurement
  • CRM
  • Commission Management
  • Accounts & Finance

In-Patient Management Modules: In-patient management Module can be very helpful in making hospital management efficient and effective. It has the ability to manage all the tasks that are needed to be done in a hospital, such as purchasing and ordering supplies, managing patients’ records, keeping up with patient’s conditions, communicating with doctors and nurses, organizing patient information and many more. It also helps the hospital keep track of financial transactions and provides reports for the hospital staff to monitor their work.

Out-Patient Management Modules:  Hospital management software in Bangladesh helps in the out-patient management modules. It helps you to manage the hospital in an efficient manner. Hospital management software also helps you to keep a check on the patient’s record and keeps you updated with the progress of the patient. It also helps you to manage all the important things of the hospital like medicines, X-ray and CT scan, surgery, etc.

Pharmacy Management Modules: Pharmacy Management Modules are an important part of hospital management software in Bangladesh. Pharmacy Management Modules help the hospital to manage pharmacy operations, pharmacy inventory, prescription and dispensing orders, and pharmacy distribution. The Pharmacy Management Modules help in monitoring the quantity of medications stored at the pharmacy and making appropriate changes if required. Pharmacy Management Modules also ensure that the inventory of medicines is updated and accurate, keeping track of expired medications.

Medical Investigations Modules: Medical Investigations Modules are developed by hospital management software for the purpose of taking care of the medical records, patient health records, and other information related to the hospital. It provides you with easy access to all the information that is available in the hospital’s database.

Lab Management Modules: In the present scenario, lab management has become a necessity in the medical sector. The software helps the hospital to maintain their inventory and to make their lab easily available for patients. The hospital can also manage their lab costs.

Prescription Modules: In this software, we are able to create prescription modules. These modules help in the process of prescription creation, filling, and verification. We can also print the prescription forms which are created in the software. This software helps us to create a customized module for our own use.

HRM & Payroll modules:  HRM & Payroll modules are essential for the management of the hospitals. These modules help the hospitals to manage their employees, hire and fire employees, pay salaries, maintain employee benefits, manage HR records, and so on. The HR modules help in managing employees, which in turn helps in keeping the hospital running smoothly.

These modules can help hospitals in utilizing their HR department efficiently. They also provide all necessary information about criteria, exams, and qualifications for hiring employees, which helps in recruiting more qualified fresh recruits at short notice with minimal effort.

CRM Modules: CRM modules are the core components of hospital management software. A hospital management software system should have all the required modules to meet the needs of the business. The system should include modules like billing, medical, operations, accounting, purchasing, and information systems. These modules are used by the director and staff in running their daily activities.

Commission Management Modules: Commission Management Modules is one of the best hospital management software. The software is easy to use and provide all the necessary tools for commission management. It also provides a dashboard to track the commission, which helps in tracking and managing the commission. Commission Management Modules is a complete commission management system for hospitals.

Accounts & Finance Modules:  Hospital management software is a computerized application that helps to manage the accounts and finance of a hospital. It provides all the information of the accounts and finances of a hospital. It also helps to manage the financial processes like billing, payments, reconciliation, etc.

Advantages of Hospital Management System

The hospital management software will help you to run your hospital efficiently. It will help you with the following:

  • It helps you to maintain a good relationship with your customers.
  • It helps you to understand your customer’s needs and provide solutions accordingly.
  • It helps you to track the performance of each department and individual employee.
  • It helps you to identify your client’s needs and provide solutions accordingly.
  • It provides you with a 360 degree view of your clients and business.
  • It allows you to maintain.
  • To ensure that there is no wastage of any kind in your hospital.
  • It will help you to have a clear view of all the assets and liabilities.
  • It will help you in calculating your employee’s benefits and allowances properly as per the regulations from time to time issued by government departments.
  • It will also provide information about each employee so that their benefits are calculated on a monthly basis, overtime wages earned for the period for which pay is applicable guaranteed work hours, etc.

Pricing Our Hospital Management Software

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