20 Feb

Hospital Management System Software

Great hospital management software is a must for efficient operations in hospitals and medical centres. A hospital management system is a smart way of tackling management operations smoothly. Star IT is a trusted name for hospital management software company in Bangladesh. We develop software and applications for efficient hospital management in Bangladesh. Many hospitals, nursing homes have trusted us and benefited from our software system. 

We provide a complete solution with modern features. We develop the software system in such a way that it becomes an interactive platform for the patients, doctors and nurses. Not only that, we make it easy for other professionals related to your institutions. For example, there are different panels for admin, accountant, receptionists and others. This way, we help you by providing ease in executing all the activities.

What can we help Hospital management system software?

A hospital or medical centre has to deal with hundreds and more tasks a day. Bills and payment, stock update, room facilities, blood bank checking, appointments, managing the scheduling and so many others. Wouldn’t it be better to be able to manage it all smoothly and flawlessly? We simply make your wish come true. Star IT is into the development of hospital management software systems in Bangladesh. We understand that a hospital committee has to manage multiple tasks. So we design applications in such a way that it caters to all the requirements of all domains of a hospital. 

We cover the following modules in our software applications for hospital management in Bangladesh

Appointment and scheduling

Our eHospital system provides flawless management of appointments and schedules. Proper management of schedules prevents clients’ disappointment. You can serve the patients better with an effective scheduling system. The software can make it easy for hospital staff and patients. Patients can schedule the appointments both online and offline.  The software application makes it quicker and easier. They can check the appointment status anytime. Moreover, patients get scheduling updates through email or SMS integration.   

Store & Inventory Management

Inventory management involves multiple responsibilities. Such as maintaining the purchase orders, issue slips, stocks etc. Looking after inventory is harder than you can imagine. That is why we are concerned with providing you with a great store and inventory module. An inventory management module that helps you with stock updates, stock delivery, expire dates reminder, purchase order, maintaining slips etc. 

Billing and finance management

Our hospital management software system helps you with billing services of inpatient and outpatients. It undertakes tasks like generating paper and electronic bills, MIS reports. It takes an account of all services including such as operation, room, medicines etc. The billing system also alerts for overdue payments. This module is particularly concerned with commercial revenue cycle management. 

Room management

Managing multiple rooms, allocating the patients at the right time at the particular rooms all by yourself might not be a good idea. Whereas the hospital management system is a skilled manager. Room management module will let you know the vacant, booked rooms. It is much easier to manage the rooms efficiently with the aid of our hospital management software system. 

Discharge Summary

At the end of treatments, the software application will generate a discharge summary of the patients. The discharge summary includes reports, recommendation, diagnosis. The software system can easily generate customizable discharge reports for each patient. 

Patient registration and  management

With the help of our hospital management system, you can register an unlimited number of patients’ details. It covers the patient’s name, address, insurance contact info etc. The registered information can be used for tracking patients visits. 

 Because it tracks the visits of the patients, it also checks whether the patient is eligible for certain benefits and privileges.

Management of medical data

Other than keeping a record of patients contact information, there is a separate panel for medical data management. Medical data management includes patient’s medical data.

Equipment Maintenance Management

Our software will allow efficient equipment maintenance management under control. Equipment maintenance management module makes the maintenance process smooth. It sets regular reminders for maintenance of different equipment. It will let you know which equipment requires attention. You will receive alerts, reports and analysis of maintenance checklist.

Reception Management

Reception activities are more effortless now. Whether it is for patient room search or patient status, the module supports it all.

Payroll & HR Management

Our hospital management system also supports Human resources activities. It offers a complete HR and payroll solution. 

Security Management

Security is a crucial part of managing a hospital. Take full control of software security with our management software solution. 

What are the benefits of our Hospital management software?

  • Hospital management software provides better management of revenue by keeping a record of every transaction
  • Proper management leads to enhanced  health care experience for the patients
  • Installing our software system allows you 100% error-free operations.
  • Maintaining data security is so important. Our software application safeguards the private information accessible only to authorized persons. 
  • Installing our software system lets you access comprehensive facilities.
  • It works as a communication platform between hospital staffs and patients
  • Reduced paperwork reduces cost and carbon footprint. 

Why choose us

Star It is into designing and developing customizable, integrated hospital management software systems in Bangladesh. We focus on simplifying hospital work. We have 6+ years of experience, a vast talent pool to provide you with what you need.  Hospital management systems are inevitable for improved performance.

We just help you through your journey . Give us a call to get the best service. We are confident enough that we can satisfy you with our innovative solution. Contact us if you are in search of the best hospital management software company in Bangladesh.

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