POS Software in Bangladesh

Point of Sales or POS System is a web-based solution that supports handling all the key operations of a retail shop. Star It engages in delivering powerful POS Software in Bangladesh for many retail companies in Bangladesh.

With the help of POS software, you can deal with basic as well as other operations such as sales reports, employee management etc.  Mobile POS system offers flexibility. They are widely popular among all type of enterprises.

What is POS software?

POS software refers to the digital platform of processing sales transactions. POS software is one of the elements of the POS system. POS software is either cloud-based or local server-based.

Cloud-based software is more popular due to its affordability and usability. The cloud-based system lets you access your data from any device as long as there is a stable internet connection.

The local server-based system is more expensive but more stable. Typically large enterprises are more into local server-based software.

What is a POS software used for?

Primarily, A POS software allows you to record sales data. Basically, it is used for accepting payments, selecting the payment method, apply coupons and discounts etc. 

But a POS system does more than sales transaction. You can use a basic POS system just for sales transactions. Or you can include other following features

It all depends on your company size, activities and needs. You can choose one that suits you perfectly. Or else Star It can offer you a customized solution.

Why you should have a POS software for your business

The conventional system involves paper-based bookkeeping, tiresome inventory checking and ample of your time.  Manually generating reports is harder than you think. It is a technological era where you can do better within less time.  Here are the reasons why you should get a POS software immediately

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