Restaurant Management Software
Restaurant Management Software in Bangladesh

A restaurant typically handles uncountable numbers of tasks. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an all in one solution for all the tasks? The majority of restaurants, cafes, and food chains use the POS system or restaurant management software in Bangladesh. A restaurant management software is an all in one online platform for managing all the activities from billing to tracking food waste. Star IT is the ultimate solution provider of the restaurant management software system in Bangladesh. We ensure an error-free, easy restaurant management solution. Grab the best opportunity to kickstart your business with our one solution.

Key features of our Restaurant Management Software

No matter how chaotic it gets, our restaurant management software will efficiently organize all activities. Control all the operations under one place and stay productive.

Recipe and menu management

Star IT can build you a restaurant management software that will allow you to manage the menu, costings, recipe, etc. Calculating the recipe costs, tacking food waste, inventory management will bring you more profits. Using the system, you will know about ingredients used, price of all the ingredients purchased, etc.

Billing and accounting

Billing is an integral part of any business. Control your finance with a robust billing system. Accounting has never been so straightforward. Just with the accurate data, You will get smooth, precise results in minutes. Every accounts related work and calculation will be smooth. Because they are all automated. We will build you such a POS system that will control the necessary functionalities. For example, reports, ledger, cash book, etc

Inventory Control

Why waste time when you can have a better productivity time and proper time management. Restaurant management software can generate reports on purchases, costs, bids, etc. Never again, you have to check the inventory stock, orders physically. With our software service, all the inventory stocks are available at your fingertips. With some changes in settings, you can set yourself a reminder about stocks, the shelf life of the products, etc.

Order management

After all, a restaurant has to prioritize the customers at first. Taking orders, serving the orders on the right table is no joke. You want to make sure that all customers are satisfied with the service and orders. The manager has to take care of many things such as pending orders, canceled orders, order list. Whereas with management software, it is swift and seamless.

Table management

Better table management ensures better service. A restaurant management system is beneficial to both restaurant owners and customers. Customers can book a table right from the software instead of manually calling. The software system will update the table vacancy./ This, in turn, helps the customers to reserve the table by themselves. Efficient table management is a sign that your restaurant is capable of serving better than others.

Human resource management

A restaurant is no different than other businesses. It has ample of tasks regarding human resources. For example, payroll management, recruitment, attendance, etc. Rather than worrying about the further challenges, make your work a cup of tea. It is worth mentioning that we can develop you a proper management software for smooth HR operations.

Online order integration

If your restaurant has an online delivery system, you can choose to make it more efficient. It is more practical when you have multiple stores to handle. Our restaurant management system has online order integration. The system allows the customers to order online, and you receive the orders from the system. You can edit and change the items ready for online delivery.

Loyalty programs

It’s no secret that satisfying the customers is the backbone of any business. Occasionally providing the customers with reward points, discounts, greeting emails can build good relationships. You would be doing yourself a favor for the loyalty programs that attract the customers and make them come back to you. Offer them more vouchers, coupons, and discounts. But who exactly are your loyal customers? To find this out, you need a restaurant management system. The software keeps a record of the customers, their details, etc. And you can get an analysis of your loyal customers.

Why us for restaurant management software service

Star IT solution is the best choice for building a Restaurant management software in Bangladesh. Because we take the utmost consideration of your restaurant’s needs. We will integrate and customize every feature you need. Our software systems are easy to operate, with no technical knowledge required. We charge a reasonable price for software solutions. Stock, kitchen, configuration, orders, accounts all will be included under one umbrella. You can have unlimited users access. You can add an unlimited number of items, suppliers, sales, employees, and more. You receive the best support at a little cost. Manage every activity with responsive systems along with built-in security.