Software Company in Bangladesh

Every business and organization needs software to keep itself running. To ensure reliable and scalable development and improve day-to-day activities many companies choose to invest in custom solutions that can be software as well. A software company in Bangladesh helps companies by providing custom-made software to companies. Star IT Limited is specialized in building software products. As a software development company, our main goal is to create and distribute software products to businesses or consumers.

What is a Software Development Company?

A software development company is a creative house that designs, maintains, creates, or builds software programs for businesses or companies. There’re two types of software companies in Dhaka- a) product-based software companies and b) service-based software companies. A product-based company focuses on developing out-of-the-box software solutions on its own. Through this type of software, businesses or consumers can solve various relevant issues. On the other hand, a service-based company directly works with many businesses where it provides custom software developing solutions, consulting, and maintaining. A service-based software company comes with great advantages. Such as any business can get a custom software solution according to their function, process, and need. Star IT LTD is a service-based software development company in Dhaka that has skills and expertise in building software according to every business’s needs.

What does a software company do?

Unlike other companies, a software company in Bangladesh builds and maintains software components for customers or consumers. Normally every software company follows a few steps before building a software solution.Identifying business needs: Before digging into anything, a software development company will identify the reasons for creating software. Such as what are the products or services the business is going to provide? What features need to be included? What is the operation process? And more.

Analyzing the market: A good software company in Dhaka will surely strive to analyze the current market trends and try its best to develop a creative one.

Developing the software: Developing or creating unique software is not an easy task to accomplish. After doing vast research or from past experience the company may present useful software to the end-user.

Testing and assuring quality: After building software, testing is important. Because it’ll ensure the user will get desirable service from it. Here, the company will try to find problems that need to be fixed and ensure users’ comfort.

Release and defense: When the testing ends, the software company will deliver the product to its user and ensure continuous maintenance or support to prevent future issues regarding software.   

Software Company in Dhaka

With a skilled development team a software company operates its business. From a software company in Dhaka a business can get a variety of software according to business need. Now we’re going to discuss a variety of software that serves different business needs.

School management software in Bangladesh:

To manage or operate the administrative tasks of a school, school management software can be a useful tool that aims to help educational organizations. It’s a collection of instructions designed to manage the daily tasks of schools. Through the software, the schools can digitally monitor the day-to-day tasks and all other resources and information in a single task. All the schools in Bangladesh should use school management software as it helps to increase efficiency, productivity and a lot of time.  

Benefits of a school management software

 Increase productivity: A school management software will vastly boost the productivity of the institute. How does it do it? A school needs to do many tasks regularly. Including- maintaining tasks, track records, organizing data and others. A software can do all of these even more. By doing so, it reduces the task time, cost and increases productivity.

Bridge gaps: Through the software, the students, as well as teachers, can easily communicate. Where the software system will work as a bridge.

 Easy fee collection reduces workload: With this software, fee collection will be easier and simpler. Using it, students can pay their fees without coming to school. And the register can easily record the data.  

A grade book: After the examination, teachers can upload the marks as well as the scanned examination paper in the software. So that the students can stay at home and still check their grades.

Accessibility: As long as students have the internet they can access the software from anywhere in the world.

Tax management software:

A program or software that helps the taxpayers with current tax regulations where it lets them manage taxes for example- VAT (value added tax) or employee tax. It’s a great key in reducing your accounting staff’s time spent on doing all these related tasks manually.

Benefits of a tax management software

Accuracy: When you calculate manually there’s a high risk of mistakes on the final value. But a tax management software won’t let that happen as it will assure the accuracy of results that can be trusted by all means. It works well for income tax filing purposes. The best thing about tax management software is that a company can get an accurate result at any required form.

Keep records: Going through the manual sheet and looking for the required details is quite time-consuming. This software won’t let you dig into the paper details. As it keeps the required records timely and maintains them. Through the software, the company can store the documents and make accessible folders that are always ready with the details whenever ask for.

Automation of work: it’s one of the biggest benefits of tax management software. From tax calculation to tax filling, it does all the tax formalities in no time. By installing the tax management software in your company’s accounting system, you can calculate income tax, advance tax, wealth tax, and also tax deduction at source (TDS).

Cost-cutting: Hiring a new tax officer or an accountant to calculate tax is quite expensive. You can get tax management software from a software company in Bangladesh and make work easier at the lowest cost.

Courier management software:

Through this software, any courier or logistic company can avoid many odds such as last packages, late deliveries, parcel sorting manually, planning of inefficient routes, bad customer experience, communication problems, and more. A courier management software helps to optimize the delivery operations on time with less cost.

Benefits of courier management software-

Operation optimization: This software will automatically record the new orders and then separate them according to type, volume, size, section, location, and others. It contains a centralized dashboard that controls and finishes the delivery process.

 Schedule delivery: The software automatically assigns the deliveryman according to zones from the driver record. It also eliminates the requirement of hiring an expert for doing all these tasks.

Track deliveries: It allows real time tracking with multiple orders which is a quite attractive feature you can expect.

Feedback of delivery: It automatically tracks orders and records delivery feedback and a customer can also rate their delivery experience through which a company can take necessary steps.

Warehouse management software:

As one of the best software company in Bangladesh, we can create warehouse management software that can highly reduce product managing complicacy but enhance safety, efficiency, security, and more.

Benefits of warehouse management software:

Reduce operating expenses: If you get well-designed warehouse management software from a software company in Dhaka like us. Then your operating expenses regarding both labor and space will be greatly reduced. Through this software you can create floor plans with the warehouse floor stimulators.

Inventory visibility: One of the most important components of this software is – it can enhance inventory visibility. It provides real-time data by barcoding the product, putting the serial number, when the product enters the warehouse staff can simply input the values in the software.

This software can also help to enhance security, ensure more efficient labor management, billing management, continuous improvement and more.

Inventory management software:

If you want to grow your online business, the great challenge you face may be managing your inventory. Besides, if your sales volume increases, you tend to expand the sales channels into the new market and you have to manage the inventory operation manually. An inventory management software can prevent this and make your work easier.

Benefits of inventory management software:

Simplified tasks: The software makes the process of managing inventory easier, besides it saves time, money and provides automation in the key business process.

 Prevent the risk of overselling: It synchronizes the orders and ensures the stock levels are adjusted each time you sell an item.

Cost efficient: It prevents human errors and ensure better supplier management relations.

  • Avoid stock outs.
  • Business negotiations will be improved.
  • Product visibility will be better.

Hospital management software:

It’s also known as a medical informatics solution that focuses on the administration requirements of hospitals. This type of software is essential in managing patient details, booking appointments, billing, managing drugs, medical records, inventory, bed management, and so on.

Benefits of hospital management software-

 Reduce errors: It eliminates different types of errors including- bill missing, operational lacking, clinical errors, missing appointments, and more.

 Ensure data security: This cloud-based software provides high data security as well as enables retrieval of data when necessary.

 Improve service ability: With improved patient data accessibility, it makes clinical decisions faster and better. Through this the patient care quality will be enhanced.

 Ensure speed and quick result: As a software company in Dhaka we can build a sufficient hospital management software through which you can treat the patients in a better way that gives great outcome.

Doctor appointment booking software

Many people face trouble in taking appointments with busy doctors. Sometimes a doctor’s assistant can’t manage a long schedule manually and ensure better service for the patients. Doctor appointment booking software highly reduces these types of issues.

Benefits of doctor appointment booking software-

Book an appointment anytime from anywhere: No matter where your patients are staying they can book their appointment at any time 24/7 from anywhere of the world.

Better organizing: It prevents human error by controlling the number of patients entering their names for service. Schedule the data serially and provide better service.

Minimize challenges: Taking appointments manually using telephones can be considered a big challenge if you have to see a good volume of patients. The software eliminates this challenge greatly.

Improve patient satisfaction: If the patient can easily enroll their information and book their required date. It would be quite helpful for them. As a result, it improves patient satisfaction.

Accounting software:

Most business owners prefer to use a spreadsheet to track finances. It’s a good tactic but when the business grows, it’s really hard to manage the finance without accounting software. This software can help you to pay bills, manage payroll, send invoices to customers or send messages, do cash flow analysis, and more. From a software company in Bangladesh, you can get your desired accounting software.

Benefits of accounting software-

Save time: Investing in accounting software can prevent manual work and ensure better results. It saves employees time and let them invest it on other important things.

Sync financial data: Multiple platforms such as – bank accounts, credit card accounts, payroll services can be stored in this software.

Data accuracy: Updating multiple sheets may make a change in the records but accounting software can prevent this. It. This software can provide built- in records that update automatically. It highly simplifies payroll management.


Software application triggers business profitability largely by reducing costs at different departments. As a software company in Bangladesh, StarIT Ltd can build customized software for different users. Through software you can simplify the decision making process, make data more reliable and meaningful and can improve data security. If you’re looking for a software company in Dhaka, you can definitely come to us as we’ve skilled manpower has the ability to do so.