Warehouse management software in Bangladesh

Warehouse management software is used for inventory control and order fulfillment. It helps in tracking, managing, and controlling the inventory, which is moved from one location to another. It also helps you in planning the inventory and organizing the warehouse space. This software is useful for large companies who need to track the items and manage their warehouse operations.

What software is used for warehouse management?

Warehouse management software helps in the control of the warehouse. The management software helps in the monitoring of the inventory and sales. It also helps in maintaining inventory records, accounts, and various other activities related to warehouse management. This is used for inventory management; order processing, order receipt, order shipping, order tracking, warehouse production, inventory control, and order pick-up and delivery. Warehousing is one of the most critical components in any supply chain. A warehouse helps you to prioritize, schedule, and prepare products for shipment more effectively than having them shipped stem-to-stem through multiple transportation lanes with potential delays or potentially adding variability that may add costs to your bottom line.

What are the types of warehouse management software?

This software is one of the most important tools in modern-day business. There are various types of warehouse management software that are available in the market. They are used for different purposes.

  • Standalone System
  • ERP Modules
  • Cloud Based

Standalone System:

Warehouse management software in Bangladesh is a stand-alone system that works with the warehouse management system of the company. This software has a complete warehouse management system and helps to control the inventory, stock and sales. The company can track their stock and sales easily and control their inventory easily. The software also keeps a record of all the transactions and helps in generating monthly reports.

ERP Modules

ERP modules are the most effective tools for managing warehouse, distribution, and logistics operations. They automate processes and provide better visibility to improve the quality of goods and services.


Warehouse management software is one of the most preferred software in Bangladesh. It is a cloud-based software that helps to manage the inventory of the business in real-time. Cloud-based software is very effective and reliable for warehouses management, as it provides instant access to warehouse data and real-time inventory updates. It has several features like inventory control, product scanning, reporting, advanced search, analytics, and more.

Features our warehouse management software?

We have warehouse management software. It is specially designed for the warehousing and packaging industries. The main features of our warehouse management software are:

  • Easy to use and customize
  • Manage different warehouses
  • Integrated with ERP system
  • Audit reports, financial reports, and data import/export
  • Dashboard with real-time updates on every warehouse
  • Scheduled warehouse maintenance and packing list generation
  • Warehouse stock control
  • Real-time warehouse inventory
  • Real-time order picking, shipping, and billing information
  • Work in progress (WIP) monitoring for every item/item group at each workstation as well as timesheet generation with automatic fines due on sustained WIP levels
  • Real-time stock update
  • Identification and traceability of WIP items through barcode with automatic export to ERP system using RFID reader or manual scanning by company personnel, if implemented.
  • Bill of materials management on material level for packing list generation.
  • Automated data import/export from database to excel sheet for various purposes like inventory analysis, trial pack calculation and other management information needs in the company such as defects & shortages report generation etc.

Benefits of warehouse management software

This software helps in managing the stock and resources in the warehouse. It also helps in maintaining the inventory of the products, which helps in cutting down the cost of transportation. The benefits of warehouse management software are as follows:

Reduced Errors:  This software can help you to reduce errors and make warehouse operations efficient.

Reduced fulfillment time:  Warehouse management software can help you reduce fulfillment time, which will help you manage inventory in a better way. You can easily organize your warehouse space, inventory, and control your inventory levels. You can even use the software to monitor and manage the entire supply chain, from the manufacturer to the retailer.

Increased inventory accuracy: This software is one of the best benefits of this software that helps in making inventory accurate. Inventory accuracy is important to increase the efficiency of a warehouse and improve customer satisfaction. This software helps to reduce the cost of stock-outs and errors, thereby improving customer satisfaction.

Reduced labor cost: This software has many benefits. It helps in reducing labor costs and helps in ensuring that goods are being picked and packed at the right time.

Reduced downtime: This software has several benefits. It helps you in reducing downtime and speeding up the warehouse processes.

Greater utilization of space:  This software is a great way to maximize the utilization of your warehouse space. The software can help you monitor inventory and detect issues like shrinkage, overstocking, and under stocking so that you can take corrective action. It can also help you keep track of incoming and outgoing shipments, which helps you make better decisions about where to store inventory.

Improved data collection and reporting: This software helps in collecting and analyzing data from all over the warehouse, helping you to find out which areas are producing more or less, which type of materials is being used most, and other important information.

How to choose the right Warehouse Management Software Company?

There are a lot of software companies available in the market. The problem is that most of them don’t have the best solutions for the needs of their customers. Choosing the right warehouse management software company is very important. It is important to choose a company that knows about the needs of their customers. It is important to choose a company that has developed the software for their warehouse needs. Always check what other companies are positive about regarding those attributes of theirs. If they have good reviews and feedback, then it is safe to say that your choice will be right.

Why choose Star IT for warehouse management software development

Star IT Ltd is one of the leading and best software development companies in Bangladesh, having a huge experience in developing warehouse management software. We have our own team of experienced professionals and are well known for our high-quality work. Our warehouse management software development services can be customized as per your requirement. Our innovative solutions help our clients to manage their inventory efficiently and effectively.