Welcome to STAR IT LTD.

Star IT was founded with the intent to serve the global web design and development market and offer related services. Our aim is to offer our client immense benefits such as increased bottom line, accelerated marketing campaigns, promote a brand etc.

We are available to work with you anytime, anywhere and 24/7 support to meet your IT based requirements. We know that you are highly interested to know about us. Now we will describe here about our responsibility, please go through the following short paragraphs:

In an extremely competitive global marketplace having a respectable business website could be a prime key for accelerating the success of the business. You should consider developing and maintaining your web presence at affordable rates and that’s where we come in. We are happy to provide you the best with the least expense.

And because we understand that each project has a different goal, and with different goals reflect different visions, we are able to offer you integrated packages – Graphic Design, Web Design, Web Application Development, and android application services all under one umbrella.

We are proud to offer you these services, we’re proud that they’re of impeccable quality and credentials and we are proud that they are accessible, no matter what size is your project.

So, if you’re ready to start expanding your business and realizing the huge potential that the internet has to offer you, consider our services. Whether it’s a totally new site or just adjustments to your current one, you won’t regret it. You might not know that, you are going to get impressive IT services from us.

We would like to cordially invite you to stop by our offices to speak with one of our developers and get started today! If you are abroad call us or schedule a live conference.


To provide Effective, Professional and Affordable Web Designs, Development, web application, and android application services to individuals and business.


To be recognized as one of the leading companies in Web Development in the world. We intend to be a reference in the national market in the ICT sector. This is so since we are a company in constant innovation since the technology sector requires it.


At Star IT, we have been working with different clients in the creation of web pages for more than 7 years. Star IT was founded with the mission to enable its customers to achieve a sustainable, high value, competitive advantage through the effective use of advanced information technology solutions. During the last 7 years, Star IT has successfully implemented more than 650+ projects. And the clients, who received service from us, inspired us for going further to achieve our ultimate goal.

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