Digital marketing agency in Bangladesh

What is Digital Marketing Agency?

A digital marketing agency is a united team handling result-oriented marketing on different digital platforms. A digital marketing team consists of web developers, graphic designers, content creators, SEO experts, social media manager. Digital marketers promote your brand through all online channels with a strategic plan.


In case you are still wondering what actually digital marketing is here are some forms  of digital marketing

Digital marketing agency in Bangladesh
  • Google Adword is a paid advertising service operated by Google. SEO generates organic traffic whereas Google ads improve your visibility in exchange for payment. Based on the keywords and phrases, Google picks out your website and displays it on the very first page. Google counts the click and charges for each click.


It is an influential marketplace to make the customers visit your website. If you want instant, fast results, Google AdWord will definitely be a perfect choice. Moreover, you have the choice to manage your costs, campaigns and track your results.

  • SEO is an integral part of digital marketing. It is a strategic approach to make your website easy to find. Good SEO makes the site more appealing among the thousands of other websites.



SEO experts are concerned with improving your website ranking on the organic listing. Because of the rise in the number of smartphone users, businesses are moving towards digital channels for advertising. It is absolutely necessary to approach SEO to stay above the competitors.

  • Social media is one of the influential internet marketing for branding and campaign. Almost everyone is at least on one social media. The goal of social media marketing to reach more customers on social networks and help a company increase brand exposure.



 It is a very popular form of modern internet marketing.  It is also a more result-driven way because they are shared by trusted sources. You must have seen how online celebrities promote products on Instagram and Twitter to influence potential customers. That is social media marketing.

  • People spend an absurd amount of time on social media. And Facebook is on top of the game. Facebook pages have tremendous opportunities for building up a brand.


Half a billion people access to Facebook with mobile phones. You see the opportunity That is what the smart businessmen are doing. Your contents are likely to be exposed to a larger audience.


 The bonus point is that Facebook ads are actually cheaper. Yes, they are. If you are tight on budget, Facebook ads is the best way to reach your customers.


 Actually, Facebook additionally helps you by customizing, reaching the right people. Facebook ad reaches the users evaluating their interests.

  • SMS marketing is a quicker way to reach customers. 98% people will open a text message. Without the hassle of internet connection 90% of the text messages are read almost in 5 minutes.


It is the fastest way of announcing coupons, discounts, and events. It is inexpensive too. There are many bulk SMSing services no matter where your business is located.


Not to forget it is more reliable. IT won’t end up in the spam category. It is a direct channel that provides a greater reach.

Why you should hire a digital marketing agency

Business is subjective. What worked on others might not give you the maximum result. Calculate the pros and cons then execute them. Here is a list of the benefits a digital marketing agency can do

●    All expertise under one umbrella

Hiring an expert team makes more sense as they have in-depth knowledge of experience. Rules and techniques are dynamic. One needs to follow up with the trends and be creative.

DIgital marketing agencies are always on top of the latest techniques. Different teams are specialized in different skills. They can give you the maximum result

●    Cost-effective

Employing an in-house marketing team requires training, recruiting, health insurance, office space, equipment, bonus, etc. On the other hand, external agencies sign up the contact and they take care of it by themselves. Hiring an external agency will cut down the overall costs in the long run.

●    Lower commitment plus  more productivity

Partnering with an agency does not require you taking charge of the activities. They take up the responsibilities, apply all skills and methodologies to meet their deadlines. You can invest the meantime in other business prospects. Whereas in house team will cost you time, resources and more money.

●    Larger network and more advanced techniques

An eternal influence will open up new perspectives. They will wonder you and broaden your perspectives with their in-depth professionalism. They work with multiple clients, have access to advanced tools and techniques. Working with them will give you exposure to the broader network and maximum results of course.

●    Accountability and measurable results

One of the advantages of collaborating with an agency is that they are accountable for meeting the deadlines and desired results. The digital marketing process is scalable, unlike traditional marketing. The agency should have the answer to why you are losing organic traffic. Most probably they will work on it so they don’t have to answer

How does a Digital marketing agency work?

It is a cost-effective idea to hire a digital marketing agency instead of hiring an in house team. Hiring interns or marketing employees is a time consuming and costlier process. A digital marketing agency will approach a systematic method that will skyrocket your brand development.


Not all digital marketing agency offers all types of online marketing services. What you need to know is that digital marketing has many faces and aspects. For example web development, social media marketing,  media campaigns, etc. Some choose to specialize in a particular field and some offer complete digital marketing solutions.


When you hire an agency various departments work independently to meet your business target. Here is how they work


  • SEO Analytics – SEO team works for organic traffic to your websites. Their task is to attract more customers and raise ranking for visibility on search engines. Receiving organic traffic is usually unpaid.


If the client wishes SEO even work for paid traffic. However unpaid traffic is permanent, Google ranks the websites analyzing their content and popularity.


  • Web development teamWeb development or app developers develop and maintain user-friendly reliable, easy to navigate sites. They make sure that the site looks attractive to generate more visits from potential customers.
  • Social media team – Social media are great for advertising and promoting any product or service. The social media team takes care of maintaining interaction with the existing and potential customers. They are responsible for analyzing the market and audience on different social channels and execute to advertising the brand.


  • Content marketing team – Original and updated content is so crucial to ensure top ranking. Good content always follows SEO standards to appear in search. Without paid advertising. Writing contents include blogs, articles, web content, etc.
  • Designing team – Designers handle visual content. For example designing user-friendly web design, infographics, etc.  Web designs impact on the impression of the visitors. Hence good looking designs and colours play a major role.
How does a Digital marketing agency work?

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